Clifton C McDonald

My approach

I seeks to create safety through my mixed-methods training style. My belief is this helps encourage participation, open questions and acts as a pillar of support for the individual. By encouraging participants to recognise their skills and abilities, I help them develop these areas further to support their journey to improve upon different aspects of life.
"Powerful, this was a great experience, one that I have (and still find) found very useful."
Eli A
Storyteller & Narrative Coach

Example Exercises

Unwritten rules
Rules govern our lives and societies. Our relationship to rules is different for everyone - some of us hold onto rules whereas others break them. In this exercise, Clifton asks participants to clarify the personal rules they live by, and how we can better understand boundaries in understanding the rules others hold.
Red flags
We often feel "triggered" by situations which leads us to take actions that escalate conflict situations. Everyone has triggers, and these can be different for each person. Clifton asks participants to identify and understand the warning signs for their own personal triggers. With this, they are given more choice of how they respond.
Underlying anger
People react differently on the surface when faced with conflict. Some explode into a burst of rage, whereas others hold the intense emotions within. In this exercise, Clifton explores the deeper causes behind our emotions such as hurts, needs and fears, and why we present them the way we do. 
Vicious cycle
Our reaction and response in conflict situation often derives from patterns of behaviour that don't always serve us. These cycles are often created during our formative years and are expressed in situations that cause us to feel out of control. Clifton considers the cycles that drive our behaviour and how we can break them. 
"Thank you for being such an inspirational coach. Your calmness, listening skills and your coaching style has helped me to get through a very difficult time in my life."
Parul b
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