Clifton C McDonald

About me

I have over 20 years of experience delivering to young people and adults as a manager, coach, trainer and facilitator. Through topics, including employment, conflict resolution and building self-esteem, I have helped empower participants to make better decisions and experience more enriching lives.

My values

Creating safety

Safety is one of our basic and core human needs. It is essential to create in all that I do. When we feel safe it becomes possible to explore our world, our truth, our relationships with self and others and our potential. This then allows the possibility for healing and growth.

I aim to create safety by being welcoming, warm, open, and honest about who I am and transparent about how we are going to work together. Safety is an individual and group responsibility. Together we can create safe spaces where sharing and learning can take place.


Freedom to be who we are, to express honestly and fully, without judgement or ridicule and to exercise personal choice is vital to me and what I do. This feeds my spirit and soul. I aim to support others to be free to be themselves, to be seen, heard and be able to express themselves also. I respect people’s freedom to participate in a way that feels right for them and to share as they choose.


Respect for self and others is the foundation for building self-worth and self-confidence, as well as building caring, trusting and equal relationships. This is demonstrated through carefully listening to the self and others through communicating honestly and clearly.


For me, relationship is a core human needs. It’s the spirit of giving and receiving, the dance that takes place between us whether spoken or not. It is in relationship where we learn about ourselves. Creating strong, healthy, professional relationships is essential to build trust and connection.
"I have also really appreciated the opportunity to find gratitude and appreciation for all that I do have. And it’s reminded me that all I have is the present moment and that I’m in charge of how I respond to it. Thank you so much for this."
Josie G
Finance & Admin Officer


Leap Confronting Conflict

2009 - Present
Leap is an award-winning national youth charity providing inspirational conflict management programs. As a Leap trainer, I have supported young people and the adults that help them to manage conflict in their lives and excel.
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Workshops delivered
Violence Reduction Unit Programme
Under Our Roof
Transition from primary to secondary school
Training the Young Trainers
Choice to Change
Peer Mediation Training
Leadership Programme
Fear or Fashion (knife crime workshop)
Introduction to Conflict
Identity, Prejudice and Belonging
Working with Challenging Behaviour
Gangs Awareness
Facilitators Development Programme
Conflict Practitioner Training

Central School of Speech & Drama

2015 - 2017
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama offers training in speech and drama for young actors and other young people.
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Workshops delivered
Introduction to Conflict Management

The Children's Society

1997 - 2011
The Children's Society provides specialist support to empower young people to make positive changes to shape a future they can look forward to. I worked alongside young people, staff and communities through interactive and engaging workshops to support them shape their future.
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Workshops delivered
Transition from primary to secondary school key stage 3-4 (year 10)
School Council (years 7-9)
Identity (year 8)
Behaviour Management (years 7-11)
Goals, dreams, aspirations (year 9 on choosing their options)
In house staff training - safeguarding, case recording, diversity and discrimination, team building, organisational change, performance management
External training - working in schools, working with children and young people, behaviour management, bullying
I have found this process to be interesting and challenging. Clifton, special thank you for inviting me to do this.
Marleen J
Integrative Therapist


City of Westminster College

City & Guilds Assessor Training (Level 3)
Learnt the roles, responsibilities and relationships I hold in education and training. My biggest takeaway was using inclusive learning approaches in education and training to empower the individual.

Chartered Management Institute

Certificate in Management (Level 6)
I learnt the importance of how I manage and lead myself. This supported me to improve in my use of management style, motivating individuals and team, and working strategically with group dynamics.

Thames Polytechnic

Certificate in Youth & Community Work
I learnt the importance of both informal and formal education, responsibility, rules, policies, procedures, laws, community and community engagement. The key takeaway for me was “it takes a community to raise a child.” I recognised how I was a product of the community I grew up in and that this continues to be a key in the relationships that I’ve created individually and collectively.

Thames Polytechnic ATC

City & Guilds 926 Adult Trainers Award
Through this training I learnt the importance of different learning approaches. I’m a kinaesthetic and reflective learner. The importance of being aware of the learning cycle enables me to support a variety of people who all ahve different learning styles.

Thurrock Technical College

Diploma in Playleadership
It was here I first discovered my potential and the importance of play to nurture the child within me. When I’m at play, it helps me to come alive. Something I bring to who I am and what I do, to this day.
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